Production Worker

February 28, 2023
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Job Description

Carry out the transfer of powdered raw materials/liquid components of metal parts from the warehouse to the place of measurement/use,

– Working on the preparation of components,

– Weighing the components in the specified amount, especially solids in stainless steel containers, liquids in plastic containers, and especially oxidizers in a bag,

– Inserts the component and oxidizer into the mixer and start the mixing process,

– Performs the start-up of the remote measuring control center mixer,

– At the end of the mixing, the mixture is transferred from the mixer into the appropriate aluminum container and transported to the place designated for that purpose,

– Making and extracting the fuel tapes of the two-roller machine according to a precisely defined technological procedure in the facility provided for it,

– Tailoring and preparing fuel tapes and fuel blocks,

– Works with fuel block integration machines,

– Machining of fuel blocks,

– Participates in the assembly of metal parts,

– Participates in the assembly of rocket engines,

Carrying out unloading, loading, transport of components and premixes,
– He is responsible for the machines he works with and for the tools, work items, and materials entrusted to him,
– Maintains machinery and workplace in a clean and tidy condition,
– Filling out the work list,
– Completes the activity diary in a timely manner,
– Use the necessary HTZ equipment,
– Realizes, encourages, and improves mutual cooperation with other employees of the company,
– Has an obligation to keep business secrets,
– Protects the interests of the company,
– Respects and applies all applicable regulations and rules of the company,

– Performs other tasks as directed by the director and deputy group leader.

Salary: 550 Euro +100 Euro *( food )
Duty:- 10 hours / Monday to Saturday ( 26 days )
Accommodation: sharing Accommodation
English: must Speak in English
Employees wanted: 30 nos